Loughran_3961-JASWelcome to House Jewelry!


For me this work is  about balancing all the elements of life. The nature of balancing  the beauty and rigors of where I live on the Gaviota coast in Santa Barbara as a Heart driven artisan in our Mind driven civilization……Everything is about Balance, from a wind sculpture to a light dimmer.


Balancing Function, Fun and Funk. Understanding that the hand made nature of all these pieces are  many little steps and processes that take time and  still have Fun creating them ; creating Fun for those who own them. For some reason turning the mundane to beauty makes us smile.


I like to take the mundane in everyday objects and pay respect to their marvelous Functions. That is why I presently work in switch plates, doorbells, and dimmers,  as well as sculpture and wall art ; to honor and give context to the Beauty of the small, everyday things in our lives.

I’m Kevin Loughran, the one makes this stuff.

Yes, little old me, for the past 35 years. Just a maker, trying to create a llittle more beauty in this world.I feel very good about the quality and sensibility of my work as an expression of Fun ,Function,and Funk.

For this I give thanks….onward.

Loughran_3961-JAS     DSC03685                   Kevin Loughran | Owner of House Jewelry.com

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